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December 6, 2011
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Arnold on Scrabble Showdown by DJgames Arnold on Scrabble Showdown by DJgames
Scrabble is back on TV after 18 years off the air, but now with different rules, host, & set like "you never seen before"(that make sense, since the original was "you played all your life, but never quite like this"). This new show is called Scrabble Showdown & it on the Hub. In this version, unlike Woolery rules, two teams of two(mostly it's a parent & the child) will play four rounds of minigames based of those Scrabble games(Knockout, Babble, Scream, Slam, Flash, & the last round Lightning) to see who will win the trip to anywhere in the world. Although it may be different from the Woolery version, I found it's the good game. Lightning round may be simular to the rules from Woolery's era, just without the tiles & numbers & the letters of the words are all scrambles.

So here Hey Arnold characters, Arnold, Helga, & their parent, Big Bob & Grandpa, Steely Phil, ready to play the game.

Hey Arnold! is owned by Viacom
Scrabble Showdown is owned by Hasbro
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zipgirl Jul 13, 2012   General Artist
i miss the Mad libs show..... why'd it leave?!
BorisFedorov Dec 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Very cool
DJgames Dec 6, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
your welcome
Here's how the opening would be (mind you, this is post-Jungle Movie, so Arnold's parents are present and Helga is Arnold's girlfriend)

(Scrabble Showdown theme)

Randi Thomas: It's time for...SCRABBLE! These two familes will play the exciting game of Scrabble like you've never seen it before! This is SCRABBLE SHOWDOWN! Here's your host, JUSTIN WILLMAN!

Justin Willman: Thanks, Randi Thomas! Welcome to Scrabble Showdown! This truly is Scrabble like you've never seen before. WELCOME TO SCRABBLE WORLD OF WORDS! Today, our contestants will face-off in all new games leading up to a final showdown where they can win our big grand prize, TICKETS TO ANYWHERE! And when I say anywhere, I mean ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD THEY WANNA GO! Let's meet our teams right now! Here's our Red Team, Big Bob and Helga! On our Blue Team, it's Arnold and Phil! Welcome, teams! Bob, I'm Justin! Nice to meet you!

Bob: Thank you, Justin!

Justin: Helga! Hi, Helga! I'm Justin! Glad to meet you!

Helga: Thanks, Justin. Great to be here on Scrabble Showdown.

Justin: So, where do you guys wanna go? Where's the tickets to anywhere to?

Helga: Ireland

Justin: Ireland! Alright! Well, good luck to the both of you. Let's meet your competition! What's up?! Arnold! Nice to meet you, I'm Justin!

Arnold: Thank you.

Justin: This is your grandpa, I take it.

Arnold: Yes, yes he is.

Justin: Well, nice to meet you, Phil. I'm Justin.

Phil: Well, hello Justin.

Justin: So, where's the tickets to anywhere to?

Arnold: Australia!

Justin: Australia! G'day, mate! I was gonna try and do an Australian accent, but I'm horrible at it. By the way, Arnold, where are your parents?

Arnold: My parents, Miles and Stella? Well, they're in the audience cheering us on!

Justin: AWESOME! Question for both of you: ARE YOU READY FOR THE FIRST SHOWDOWN?

Everyone: YES!

Justin: Well, our first game is called Scrabble Knockout. Players, in a moment, we'll put some words up on our screen. However, those words will be unrecognizable because we've added 3 extra letters to the mix. Your job is to knockout those letters and find those words. Arnold and Phil, you won the toss backstage. Do you want to go first or do you want Big Bob and Helga to go first and try to beat their score?

Arnold: We'd like to go first.

Justin: Arnold and Phil would like to go first! You have these two categories to choose from:

Don't Leave Your Bags Unattended
Hero Time

Arnold: We'll go with the first one.

Phil: Don't Leave Your Bags Unattended, Justin.

Justin: You're looking for things people dislike about airports. Arnold, since you'll be knocking out the letters, why don't you come on over here? Remember, Phil, if you tell Arnold to knock out a letter that's actually in the word, you'll hear this: (buzz buzz buzz) When that happens, Arnold, you'll run over here and hit the plunger to reset the board. You and Phil will have 60 seconds to get up to 5 words. Play fast, teams, because the winner of this round gets this!

Randi Thomas: We're sending you to the movies! A whole lot of movies! It's a mega movie package from Fandango! Enjoy the best Hollywood has to offer with this mega movie package from Fandango!

Justin Willman: LOVE IT! So, Phil, like I said, you have 60 seconds to get up to 5 words. One important hint, the first and last letters are always in the right position, so the knockout letters will be in between. These are things people dislike about airports. Here's your first word:



Phil: Knock out the W! (ding ding) Knockout the J! (ding ding) Knock out the B! (ding ding) Security!

Justin: Good! Next word!


Phil: Knock out the X! (ding ding) Knock out the Y! (ding ding) Knock out the R! (ding ding) Lines!

Justin: Right! Next word!


Phil: Knock out the Q! (ding ding) Knock out the K! (ding ding) Knock out the G! (ding ding) Delays!

Justin: Nice! Next word!


Phil: Knock out the T! (ding ding) Knock out the Z! (ding ding) Knock out the H! (ding ding) Parking!

Justin: Correct! Last one!


Phil: Knock out the D! (ding ding) Knock out the V! (ding ding) Knock out the I! (ding ding) Shuttles!

Justin: There we go! Since you got all 5 words, 38 seconds is the time to beat. Big Bob and Helga, your category is: Hero Time! These are things you need to be a superhero. Helga, you'll be knocking out, so head on over to the screen. 38 seconds is the time to beat, Bob. Are you ready?

Bob: I'm ready, Justin! HIT ME!

Justin: Here's your first word:



Bob: Knock out the B! (ding ding) Knock out the R! (ding ding) Knock out the J! (ding ding) Sidekick!

Justin: Right! Next word!


Bob: Knock out the N! (ding ding) Knock out the C! (ding ding) Knock out the J! (ding ding) Powers!

Justin: Good! Next word!


Bob: Knock out the W! (ding ding) Knock out the H! (ding ding) Knock out the B! (ding ding) Costume!

Justin: Correct! Next word!


Bob: Knock out the H! (ding ding) Knock out the I! (ding ding) Knock out the R! (ding ding) Gadgets!

Justin: Super! Final word!


Bob: Knock out the J! (ding ding) Knock out the D! (ding ding) (buzz)

Justin: Time is up! Bob, you saw that last Knockout Letter, but you just couldn't say it in time. The last Knockout Letter was C and the word was 'Enemy'. That means Arnold and Phil get the Fandango mega movie package and 2 bonus Scrabble Tiles that could help you win that trip to Australia! Don't go away, there's gonna be more fun when we play Scrabble Slam RIGHT AFTER THIS here on Scrabble Showdown!

(Scrabble Showdown theme)

(fade to black)

(commercial break)
The selling point of the new version is the whole "tickets to anywhere" thing. Thats almost as good as cash.
When you look at shows like TPIR and they roll out something that makes its own pancakes, you want the contestant to lose.
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